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Covering an Asian Wedding? Here Are 5 Things You Need to Know as A Photographer

One of the many perks of being a successful photographer is the considerable number of weddings you will attend in your lifetime. Globalization is occurring across all parts of the world and cultures are actively crossing borders to become external influences. This trend is cutting across all professions and photography, at the very least, is not left out.

Either as a professional or a guest, there is no telling the amazing variety of culture and traditions you will get to experience and the people you will get to meet. One of such enchanting culture is that of the Asians. So, if you ever get an opportunity to cover one, here are 5 things to keep in mind and nail your first gig at a Korean, Chinese, Japanese or any Asian Wedding;

  1. Explain yourself

Chances are if you’ve been contacted for the job, your skillset is amazing, and the couples love it. If you have never handled an Asian wedding before, this would be the best place to explain to the couple. This doesn’t mean selling yourself short, it’s just important to justify why the couples may need to make much explanation. Reassure your clients that you are going to get them the best shots and make the experience the best time of their lives.

  1. Traditions matter to people a lot, they even matter more to Asians.

The world is a global village and different countries have different types of culture. As is the case with the saying “when in Rome, act like the romans”, you should be mindful of the traditions of the wedding couple and recognize different cultural events on display at the wedding. Do some homework and get the action points caught on camera. Ask your clients about the cultures that matter to them most and how they want them to be captured.

Enquire on whether the wedding would be strictly traditional or if there would be a mix with some contemporary elements of white weddings. If your couple happen to be Chinese, you will want to cover events such as the planned crying phase, the red wedding ceremony, the shooting the bride and bargaining the bride ceremonies.

  1. You might need an MC

Covering a wedding for couples who do not speak your own native language means that there might be a language barrier towards communication and organization. Even though you know the couples personally and can relate very well to them, you will need a MC that can communicate fluently with the larger audience at once. Whether it is for those special pictures and funny poses or to get everyone singing a native song during your videography, gesticulating isn’t going to fetch you the best results.

  1. You are not spared from the family drama

There’s no need covering it up. Every wedding comes with some form of drama whether western or Asian. When it comes to weddings, folks from the western side like Manchester, London, America and so on tend to have unlimited freedom in organizing their weddings, the Asian wedding culture is however strong on respecting family traditions. If this happens to be the case, you will need to be extremely patient and work in line with everybody till it’s perfect. This means you will need to coordinate the family right down from the eldest to the youngest as it is customary to have everyone feature in the pictures.

  1. The food will be good

A quick heads-up, a typical Asian wedding in Manchester has great food and your taste buds are definitely in for a delight. The options will be many and the quantity outstanding.

When handling your first videography for an Asian wedding in Manchester, open your mind to a world of new experiences and learnings.


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